Monday, August 30, 2010

Let me tell you a little about my family.
I have seven children, and nine grandchildren. They are the light and joy of my life! My firstborn, Johnny, is now twenty-seven and is married to Daphne, and they have two children - Lucien (seven) and Lily (almost two). My eldest daughter, Julie, is married to Phil, and to them have been born five children - Philip (seven), Lucie (five), Eden (three), Ella (two), and Silas (six months). My third child is a daughter, Joy, and she is married to Charles. They have two children, who are miniatures of their parents! - Isaac (two) and Addison (one). Next is Joshua, who turned twenty-one in April and is not married yet. Joanna, my fifth child, is eighteen, and still single. The only two still living at home with me are Joseph, who is fourteen, and Jennifer, who just turned twelve.
I daily praise God for the children he has blessed me with, and for the families that are springing up through them! My strongest hope and most fervent desire for each of them - children, spouses, grandchildren - is that they will each know their Creator, and love Him. I would love to see them happy, successful, surrounded by family and friends, and never knowing hardship.... but none of that compares to fellowship with their Father. If they have Christ, they have all they need. My earnest prayer is for God to draw them to Him, dwell in their hearts, and fill them with His Spirit. May we, as mothers, never cease to pray for our children, and may He grant us the desire of our hearts!

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